Karen Trask is a multidisciplinary artist based in Montreal. Known for her explorations of language and innovative use of paper, her works include installations, artist-books, videos and performances. She has exhibited in Quebec, Canada, Europe, Mexico and Japan.


Upcoming events and exhibitions

Un entretien avec Maria Rosario Roseo de la revue en ligne d’art et de textiles, Artemorbida est maintenant disponible :  https://www.artemorbida.com/karen-trask/?lang=en  L’article est en conjunction avec la Biennale intérnationale du lin de Portneuf.


La Fabrique culturelle présente La tisserande et le parachutiste, une vidéo tournée par Anna Lupien et Geneviève Philippon de Paul Litherland, mon conjoint, moi et notre aventure qui est Produit Rien.



Ma performance, Ne tenir qu’à un fil est maintenant disponible pour visionner  chez PHI.

Maria Rosaria Roseo of Artemorbida, the on-line art textile magazine from Italy interviewed me recently in conjunction with the Biennale intérnationale du lin de Portneuf. The interview is available here: https://www.artemorbida.com/karen-trask/?lang=en


La Fabrique culturelle presents, La tisserande et le parachutiste by Anna Lupien and Geneviève Philippon a video about my partner, Paul Litherland, myself and our adventure which is Produit Rien.



As part of the exhibition …and Room in the Bag of Stars at the PHI Foundation, my performance Hanging by a Thread normally scheduled for January 9, 2022 was presented in April 2022 at Produit Rien. It is now available for viewing – see video above.







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Under Press Home -Collecting my Thoughts, I look at things I find interesting and works in progress.