Meeting Yuko and Michael

We met Yuko and Michael for the first time, at the gate of Senso-ji Temple. Friends of friends, Yuko, from here and  Michael originally from Saskatchewan live in Tokyo.  Going to the temple is a ritual at the heart of Japanese culture and it was full to bursting with visitors, both the curious and the serious. The Asakusa market is right beside the temple and it is a wonder in itself, full of tiny shops selling whatever you could possibly need and not need. I bought some of those socks with a separation for the big toe – great for wearing with sandals! We were surrounded by a group of young students eager to accomplish a school assignment – ask some tourists a series of questions. They were most curious to know if we could use chopsticks!

We wandered happily around the market with Yuko and Michael, eventually heading to a Japanese bistro not far from the market for beer, sake and food. The lighting of the evening sky was perfect for viewing what the locals call the ‘Golden Poo.’