another something

Transportation has been the theme of the last couple of days. We want bicycles. It has taken us several visits, phonecalls and trials before deciding on what kind of bicycle to acquire, how much to spend and for what purpose. We have just found two in a used/new shop off Vieille-du-Temple. A little more than I thought about, but we will be able to head out of town on a bike adventure now. Everywhere we see the Velib bicycles for hire, but we have not been able to figure out how to use one, as we don’t have credit cards with chips in them and we would need to open a bank account here to get the necessary card. Paul has just located information on a Washington Post website!!! advising that prepaid cards are available for renting the bikes but, where,  that’s the next question. Oh well! too late now.

Last night, we discovered that we are sharing this appartment with strangers. It is hard to believe, but yes, we have mice. We saw one glide by us as we entered escaping through the plumbing of the bathroom. We’ll have to find some steel wool and fill all the little holes.

It is no myth; the cheese and bread in this country is amazing.

The Seine is green.