Sumimasen, I’m Sorry, but it’s cherry blossom time here!

There are two common subjects in Canadian and Japanese everyday conversation: the weather and I’m Sorry. Sumimasen is the word I hear the most and probably the one I use the most here in Japan. Anything about the weather is a close second.

I’m sorry that the weather has been so terrible back at home and the snow just doesn’t know that it has truly worn out its welcome, but here it is spring full-on! Cherry blossom time. The week when everyone here goes slightly pastel crazed and the cameras (including mine) just don’t stop and no one is sorry at all.

This is a tree that is celebrated in Tokyo and is even lit up at night all during the Sakura (Cherry blossom ) season – Rikugien Park in Komagome. This tree is amazing and it makes me very happy to see so many people just enjoying a moment in the life of a tree.

Sakura11Sakura14 Sakura10