Temples, Shrines,Trees and Parks

(this post is still in process…) Yuko and Michael took me to the most exquisite park and temple this past weekend. Shibamata Taishikuten Daikyo Temple is probably more well-known as the home town of Tora-san, the much-loved central character of the long-running television series, “It’s tough being a man” And many come to have their photo taken beside the giant bronze statue of him in the middle of an open courtyard, just outside the train station.  I know nothing about the tv series, but the temple and the park are definitely worth the visit. The wooden bas-relief sculpture covering the outside of the temple is stunning. Then there are the covered wooden walkways that allow you  (actually you have no choice – you must remove your shoes) to walk in socks or barefoot all through the garden, without getting wet – a perfect place to visit on a rainy day. Watching rain drops collect in the lotus leaves was a special treat. Lotus-leaf in the Rain

About 50 minutes south of Tokyo is the coastal town of Kamakura, home of some great beaches and ,the giant buddha or Daibutsu Temple. Shino and I spent a gorgeous sunny afternoon there in mid May. Here are some images from that day.

These images are of trees and parks that I especially found interesting. Some trees seem to be quite revered, protected and propped up and yet others are mercilessly pruned and in some cases to within an inch of murder.