42nd Exhibition, The International Calligraphy Association

When I applied to come to Japan, I realized that given my interest in text and the beginnings of writing, it would be wise to understand a bit more about Japanese writing. Sometime last winter, I started studying calligraphy in Mikiko Simard’s weekly classes at the Canadian Japanese Cultural Centre in Montreal. Once I knew and shared with her the fact that I would be in Tokyo for six months, she encouraged me to send a work to this exhibition. I practiced and practiced writing the Kanji character for courage. It is above me, just slightly to the right.

Two weeks ago, I went to the opening with my friend Catherine and Mikiko’s friend, Shino. I was happy to find other types of calligraphy in the exhibition, including works in Arabic, French, English and two rooms full of children’s works. Here are some photos taken at the exhibition.