…and Room in the Bag of Stars, PHI Fondation 2021-22

Hanging from a Thread is a sculpture and a performance exploring the fragile and temporal nature of life, paper and words. The sculpture is formed from paper threads spun from the Grolier Encyclopedia Canadiana 1958. The threads have been knotted and solidified with a sugar-water solution to create a live-size human figure.

The performance is a questioning of my idea of the father and the sacredness of the sculptural object. It is an opportunity for me to explore my story of grieving a loss of trust. It is also a story about my own mortality. It is about imagining a new and unexpected ending to this story. This work is about transformation.

Hanging from a Thread was part of the 2021, PHI Foundation Residency program. The performance  was scheduled for the last day of the exhibition at the PHI Foundation, but because of the pandemic it was held later in the spring of 2022 at Produit Rien. The performance was live-streamed and is now available for viewing on the PHI youtube channel which you can view below.