There it is, dinner, or what will be dinner. I have invited fellow resident, Nadja Sabbioni from Switzerland to join me for dinner. A modest beginning for a small feast. My kitchen is equiped with a small fridge, a two-burner hotplate and a two-temperature (hot or cold) miniature oven. So I won’t be doing any elaborate gourmet cooking. I can’t get over the cost of food here. I didn’t have enough room in my photo for the lettuce, a beautiful head of green leaf lettuce which cost around 1.60 $. The prices indicated in the photo are in euros € and Canadian $. The fresh fruit and vegetables are particularily expensive in Paris. Four dollars for that sweet little field canteloup now in season, which I couldn’t resist. The tomato and onion will be going into a lentil salad which is on the boil now. A small bag of green lentils were around 1€ or 1.60$. The dollar seems to be going down, but I haven’t verified that recently. Bon appetit!