Moon Three, San-gatsu

Moon Three already!

Monday in Japanese is moon day (getsu-yobi) and months are moons, January being month one, February, month two, etc. I forgot that Monday means moon’s day for the Moon Goddess and Tuesday, is named after the Norse god, Tyr.  The english word month comes from a combination of roots all leading to the moon as the measure of time.

March always seems to be a time for confusion – the weather is unpredictable and the rising sap of spring adds craziness to the mixture.  In Tokyo, I live a lot in mystery, simply because I have little or no idea what is actually happening and as an artist, mystery does not scare me. In fact I live with it quite comfortably. There is nervous energy here right now. I woke to the sound of sirens and voices on loud speakers very early this morning –  a bit disquieting, because it is the anniversary of the earthquake and the tsunami that destroyed the lives and communities of so many just north of here three years ago.

There was a huge demonstration in Hibiya Park on Sunday against the use of nuclear energy and a special event will be held there this afternoon beginning at 2:46 pm. the exact time of the earthquake. This string of islands in the Pacific Ocean is particularly susceptible to violent geological activity – earthquakes and volcanoes as well as tsunamis and typhoons. This most definitely has had an influence on Japanese culture and character. The ability to live with enormous chaos is surely one aspect and also the sense that nothing seems to deter the desire to continue – the future is there and we are going.

I too came here and the possibility of another huge earthquake happening although very real, is not enough to make me leave. The fact is that in spite of and sometimes because of danger – we just keep going; it is part of human nature and our instinct to survive.

The building I live in is supposed to be earthquake safe, or at least that is what the models in the downstairs lobby try to convey.  SafetymodelRopp SafetymodelsRopp But, I don’t plan on staying in the apartment all the time, just in case of earthquakes. In truth, I don’t actually think about it as much as I thought I would.